some finds

so this little rod iron table we found today at a garage sale for 5 bucks and the mirror i got at ross for 3 bucks. so it sits at the landing of our stairs and i will find something cute to set on it that works better than the mirror that i love. the bigger black mirror i got from di for 4 bucks just the way it looks nice huh. so it sits on the entry way wall. i got the little black organization box from ross as well it was a bigger spend only 8 bucks but i love it so much. now the best purchase for 15 bucks a totally pimped out doll house for delila. has furniture people and a cool family car that honks and has a radio that plays music. she soooooooo loves it. its for her bday but we cant take it away now! she is so cute! also the little white wall hanging thingys i dont konw what they are really but i have another bit of white to spray paint on them but they were a buck too. lots of fun.

dining room

so we got this table for free from our neighbors. i love it. richie painted it for me for mothers day. needs one more coat maybe? or i will just distress it and it will look good. so i got 4 matching chairs from the DI 10 bucks each, so not bad. i will repaint them white and recover the seats. we got two big white end chairs at a garage sale for 10 each as well. they need to be fixed a bit though. recover the seats and screwed back together in a few places. you can see one of the chairs on one end. when the other is done it will go in place of the red chair and i will put the red chair back in the corner. delila eats in that chair when she wants to eat up at the table with us. she is so cute. speaking of cute delila i have my magnet board up above her little eating table full of delila pictures. i love her. so for now this is our dining room. the walls will be painted a beautiful deep tealish color next week. so pics to come.

ps see my touch of pink?

our family room

so with our family room i have basically taken things that we have had around the house and just moved them to new locations. first off i love my little metal basket find from the di for like a buck!! a huge whoop whoop there. so now it will be where we keep our remotes. ORGANIZATION is key for me now. also i would like to sometime mount the tv on the wall but the day will come for now im loving our family room. i still want to do horizontal strips all the way across the wall the tv is against down into the hallway where our new wall is that you saw before.

front room

ok so this is our front room. this is the room you see when you first walk into our home. again the wall is more green in person. anyway i have changed the arrangement a few times i think i am stickin with this for now. we will see how long. HAHA! anyway i got this awesome mirror for 10 bucks at ross and everything else you see is pretty much from DI. the candle holders a buck the vases a 50 cents and frames way cheap and so on. i love that place. so here is our front room now. oh and i gotta keep the ice skates up year round.
oh and a ps note the wall with pictures not done i dont think i like it. not my cup of tea putting up pictures.

ps see my touch of pink?


so off the kitchen i painted with chalkboard paint and i love it. i was feeling a little yucky about the blend of the family room and the kitchen so i came up with this idea. rich did the frame. i love it. ok so can you find my little bit of pink now in the kitchen? it is the softest pink but i love it! DI finds!



Nothing great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm!! My mom has always had this quote in one of her bathrooms and today it has totally Motivated me to get things in gear. i am inspired by this quote and these fantastic women!


i cant help but get so excited about color from this site! every little bit of her home is drenched in color in a GREAT way! seriously INSPIRATION right there.


i cant help but get so excited about the adorable outdoor projects from this site! well her indoor is just awesome as well but my goodness i love the porch she just did. VOTE for her!


and now my favorite!!
i cant help but get so excited about the fresh look around her home! the mind can only be calm and refreshed from seeing her home. im sure being in her home is even better!

so thank you to my top 3 ladies of inspiration!! i get excited through the day to think of what i can do next. and it is a challenge working on limited moolah so it is more fun!!! but what cant a can of spray paint and a string of twine do?? you tell me? then i will find you something! anyways so get inspired today!
Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


photo shoot by Richard and Grammy! Rose Garden!

picture overload! WHOA! my mom and rich did a very cute photo shoot of delila! delila had like the same look the whole time. kinda funny. oh and her tongue! she is such and expresive kidd-o!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

painted a wall

change again? YUP!!! got bored. this will happen many many time. the wall is a greenish yellowish color.also went to DI with the huz and darling girl! got some goood finds. here are some and i have my pics developing now and i have some mroe things to paint and throw up there. so this is just my rough draft of my new wall that i love. the color is a bit brighter in person. super cute!!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


This is for you MOMMA!! I love you so much! I am so glad that you are my mom and that you were the example that you were to me! For your never ending service and love that you have always, always shown! To me you are Super woman! You have taught me well and i know that i am the mom today because of you! and i am only at the start. if only i could be 1% as great as you i will have done my part here as a mother! Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my little family. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Your fun! Your Beautiful! Your smart! Your had working and super loving!

Here are some fun pictures of you that i love! To Grandma Swarts you are amazing too, to teach my mom everything that she knows too!! I love the picture of Mom and Grandma with my nephews and little cousins! It really does show your joy and love that you have with your grand babies!


Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.