I got GOOD news and i got BAD news

The BAD news first!! i went to the dentist today and found out i need to get my Wisdom Teeth pulled ASAP! ugh, not looking forward to that at all! The GOOD news is i have ZERO cavities. woohoo!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

The other good news is that this lump on my neck is nothing to worry about unless it doubles in size and unless it gets hard. right now it is rubbery like an eraser! same size too. so i am good! WOOHOOO!!!


so here is a cute story.

Richard and his family growing up did this fun thing called dancing in the dark. It kinda explains itself. they Dance in the dark to the electric light orchestra. So richie has decided to start this with delila and she LOVES IT! we do it just before she goes to bed and just before she watches her nightly Gabba show. So last night we were all dancing and a slower song came on so rich and i were having fun dancing together haha i know cheesy but it was fun. Delila then pushes us away like she wants to dance with us. so then richie picks her up and as soon as she is up with daddy she pushes mommy away. haha

Delila has certainly become a total daddy's girl! It is so cute. As soon as richie gets home delila is like obsessed with rich. It is sooo cute! Richie thinks it is cute most of the time but she sometimes can get a little overwhelming! haha. anyways, just a cute story!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

so kitchen update

i wish it was a little brighter well the pictures atleast! but i still have a little bit to do and it will be done. i am deciding if i want to glaze the cabinets or antique them. i need to find some hardware i like too!!! one thing at a time though. i love the brightness in the kitchen! whoa! so yea, here ya go!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.



So this is a venting post. I found this lump on my neck last week and it was small and didn't hurt at all. So i thought oh it is ok i set up my Dr apt (this Tuesday YEA) and i didn't think anything bad of it. That was until today when i woke up and it was larger and now hurts! I have thyroid problems and it seems like that never gets under control. It is pretty close to being good now but i have struggled with this yuck since i was 14, not to fun getting pricked every 3 months. I know some people have it worse than myself but my goodness. So now this lump on my neck sheesh. Feeling the pain of it is buggin me. i cant turn my neck all the way and it is killin my shoulder too. Also the prego thing on top of it doesnt help. I dont need stress. THATS THE LAST THING I NEED! So at least the break-downs i have this week are SERIOUSLY allowed! so this is my VENTING TO THE BLOGGING WORLD!

I am so gratful for Rich though for being understanding of it all and letting me know things will fall as they may and be ok! I am a strong person and i know i can handle anything thrown at me BUT i am kinda freaked out now! GOODNESS!!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


dont mess!

haha rich snapped some funny pictures of delila and of course i photoshoped them! so fun! she is a cute lil chicky!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


Yesterday was my Biggest brother's Birthday! Rudy is a cool big brother! He gets at me all of the time. Yes he is a total Butt head to me but i still LOVE HIM! He has always been the nicest brother at the same time. funny i know! He used to wear cool Buddy Holly glasses. i used to want to go everywhere with him as a little gir. I want to still do a lot of the cool things he does! He is a music guru and that is cool too. over all i guess he is just COOL! and a BUTT HEAD! haha.... anyway, Rudy i hope that your 30 something birthday was GREAT!! We love you tons!!

Our AWSOME nephew Jayden turns 8 today!! woohoo!!! Jayden, we love you very much and your such a fun little man! here are a few pictures from this past summer when our nephews were staying with us WHAT A BLAST! this other picture is from when my dad took our nephews out for a fun photoshoot!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


and here it is

The rest of the pictures from today's first ride on the bike! rich is so cute with his camera! anyway, i sure do love my bike!

p.s. Morgan LETS go for a ride anytime!!

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sweet lil D

i seriously cant get enough of her! soooo cute!!! she is lots and lots of fun! anyway, here are some cute shots richie got of Delila and i!!

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hurray!! it is done!

so here are the pictures of our hallway that we decided to get some hooks and stuff on but decided to do the bead board and so on... this hallway is the hallway you walk into when you come in from the garage. we are still gonna put up a shelf on the top and richie is gonna build a bench for it as well! awesome , awesome! we worked well together on this project as well..... no im off to finish my other project!

i am painting the top half of my cabinets white! so i just need to put another white layer on and then do my glazing! woohoo!!! i love projects!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

sneaky peaky

So my sweet hunnie got me an amazing gift i have been wanting for a while now! WOOHOOO an adorable pink Schwinn Beach Cruiser!! LLLAA LAAA LAA LOVE IT!! I took it on a fun spin around our neighborhood! it was so much fun! i cant wait for the fun rides to come on it! THANK YOU HUZZY!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

Nope NOT Yet...

Not prego yet!! but we hope soon people! haha! Well we like a few names... funny cause we only think about girl names cause well i feel like im gonna have all girls and that is exciting! So some of you wanna know the latest names we like!! Ok so maybe by now you guys realize that rich and i do not like your typical names but still pretty names just different! We like the names Paisley, Anora, Amilae (pronounced Om-i-lay) and so far my favorite for sure is Sloane! those are just a few! but FAV so far is i think Sloane K. Keele! i like the middle initial for that one. or i would have it be Sloane Kuhn Keele (my maiden name as a middle name) now for a boy we both agree on Knox David!!!!! but i also love love love the name Jagger like a lot but rich hates it and everyone shoots that name down but i love it! i also love love love the name Lennox you can call him lenny or shorten that to knox too! anyways those are the names i am dropping for you peeps wanting to know!

p.s. i will have some exciting pictures to put up today (saturday) or tomorrow (sunday) woohooo!!!!!!!!!!

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do you ever.....

Think about names for your kids even when you are not expecting? i totally do haha!! luckily rich doesnt think im a silly person for doing it! well he thinks im silly but he doesnt knock my ideas! i just thought of a GREAT name! anyway, just wondering if other people do too?? also do you ever feel like your put on this earth to be a mother to a certain gender? We sure do! We think were gonna have ALL GIRLS!! lots of girls! and that EXCITES me so much! I hope that everyone is having a GREAT week so far.

p.s. Does your kid watch Yo, GABBA , GABBA? HAHA it is so cute. Lila loves it and runs around the house saying more dabba more dabba more dabba! haha

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So then he UP-CHUCKED

So we had the kids from our primary class over for a fun pizza get together!! we had a blast watching a fun movie playing games and eating pizza and drinkin juice! then one of the boys in our class says may i go home. i go yea sure. (he didnt look so great) anyways then he runs over and says where is your bathroom?!!? i go around the corner. he didnt make it to the bathroom or the hard floor instead he stops inches away from it on the carpet and then he PUKES! a few times at once. the girls screamed and then we all ran into the front room. we then played in there while richie took car of him and cleaned up the yuck! holy crap im not good with puke unless it is my own kids! whoa! we still had such a fun party! we will make this a monthly funtime i think!?!!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


Just for fun!!

This was all just for fun!! i wanted to see what i could play around with in photoshop!! haha my dad will laugh at this cause he calls me a professional self picture taker! lol! oh the high school days!!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.