pretty girl!

this is how she sits up for now. we are working on gettin her stronger to sit all the way up.
super cute smiley baby
she gives us this look a whole lot (i wonder what shes trying to tell me?)
Grammy got her this cute dress for christmas so we decided to let her wear the pretty thing to church today. then came home cause she was not having it not at all. church today was oh my gosh lets just say not her cup of tea. so then we get home and she falls right asleep of course. would she do that at church? no way. haha. then she was happy so i snapped some shots.


Another movie moment with from Delila

As you can see she does love this toy. Super fun i love her!! This age is GREAT!

New Toy!

Santa Clause came to town!!

Jump around, Jump around!! Delila love her new toy from Santa this year. She is just a little short of reaching the ground so i put this box underneath so she can JUMP! she loves it so much! Mommy does too! haha........


Dad look at this!

this is the view outa richards aunt and uncles window. beautiful in the winter time isn't it.
it snowed on christmas day YEA!

look what delila did!

leaning tower of lila haha
excuse the excited mom voice. it was the first time she did this. haha

Christmas 2007!

Delila had her first christmas! Richards family every year has a tradition of wearing cute striped pj's so delila got hers this year. super cute! she got a ton of fun things and loves to play with her new toys. As for mom and dad we love our gifts and had a wonderful holiday season as a lil family! above is a picture of delila and i hanging out.
delila and daddy
lil cute girl
reading a book. she sure loves that
delila and her cousin mason. he is 2 months older than her. notice their hands in the mouth. :)


what a teething child does!

I have learned in my short time as a mommy that When a child is teething they look like this a lot. (in the picture above)
she drools non stop and never has her hands outa her mouth unless there is something else to chew on. (seriously)

then when you try to take out whatever she is chewing on, the result is this. (in the above picture)
lastly you get a child who looks at you like why in the heck did you do that to me? i was really enjoying that.

Anyways this last week has been so much fun. the runny nose the lil fevers here and there and the drooling! oh gosh the drooling!! also the i am uncomfortable help me help me attitude. and i mean ATTITUDE! we love her anyways and give her tons of loves!!

you can feel little teeths under the gum though. poor Lila!

Oh no!

Well Delila and her Daddy decided to spend some quality time playing the 360. (just what a 5 month old needs to do right?) HAHA!! it was just funny so we took the picture. delila likes the controller though. She has a lil spit up in the corner of her mouth. she was saving it for later! KIDDING! so anyways this was just cute.


Delila giggles!

whenever we eat her tummy she thinks it is funny. Richard is much better than myself but it is still cute!!!!!!

p.s. i know i sound like a witch. sorry, but delila thinks that it is funny!

Mommy and Delila

She and i have so much fun together! she is a fun fun baby. she giggles at everything and she just loves , loves , loves to watch and watch and watch people. it is cute. big eyes and a moving head non stop. we love her much!
p.s. the second picture, well i just love delilas face in it. so precious!


HAHA!! so we fluffed up the red dress over the bumbo and snapped some shots of delila! just a quick easy way to wish everyone happy holidays! cause really, no one wants to see mom and dad, only baby D! haha. Anyways Delila is so much fun. as you can SEE is she is a chunky one now. cheeks for days just like her momma. delila and i look a lot a like. i was going through my pictures as a baby and whoa! Well love you all tons. Merry Christmas!


Happy Birthday Grammy

Hey Momma, Delila is telling you happy birthday here!! not even kidding haha!!
Grammy i love you!!!!! (love always, Delila)

4 Months

grammy made some cute Binky's for Delila! here is one of them D for Delila of course.
thumbs up for being a good girl at the dr.'s
She is the sweetest lil pea ever.

Today was Delila's 4 months well visit with dr. mumford! Great, Great Dr. for sure. He did all his lil tests for hearing and seeing and stuff and she did great. she loved the mirror. she kicked and talked and tried to grab the light that she was supposed to follow with her eyes. HAHA!

So she is 24.5 inches long and weighing in at 13 pounds. she her weight bumped up. so she is now in the 28%. height still in the 60+ %. so fun.

haha right now she is sitting in the bumbo watching Sesame Street! and of course. TALKING TO THE TV!


Christmas has come!

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!! we went and bought a Fake tree. so now we'll have one. i actually found new plastic ornaments at big lots for cheap so i got them but Lila has her own stocking now. super cute. Christmas is going to be very fun this year. Saturday we had a big snow fall and rich and delila bundled up together in his bath robe and went to the car outside so she could touch the snow. it was super cute. I love how richie is with Delila!
Well i hoe that so far December is treating everyone well. Love you all!


thanksgiving and more!!

Well it was a blast!!! We flew out to california to visit my parents and brothers and nephews!! it was super super fun!! i didnt want to leave but this is my home now with my new lil family. it is great though!
so funny because whenever richard is in town my nephews know that he has his PSP so they can play it. so here is that picture.

Well delila got some pj's ICE SKATING penguins!! (they were ice skating so we had to have them) ok here is the thing. 6-12 month pj's the pants fit great. arms are a bit long but hey what can we do.

So all the grand babies were all together so my mom wanted to get a something fun done. so with her birthday money from her mom she got this made. imprints of the grand babies. so here is delila getting hers done hahaha.

so we also decided to give D some rice cereal with bananas!! she scarfed it down. loved it soooooo much!!

funny girl

So Delila is also 4 months old now of course. and she is super fun. she can grab anything now and then it goes right in the mouth. she is so strong with her legs. she will push her bum bum up and keep it up. but her arms yea dont count on them. she doesnt love tummy time AT ALL! but she has to do it. haha. lets see what else. she holds her bottle on her own now. we got her the little handles to put on the bottle and she loves that she can hold it and then take it away and look around and laugh then throw the bottle back into her mouth. super cute. now my favorite thing ever is that she will talk and talk and talk and talk. it all started while visiting her papa. they had full on conversations. super cute. anyways she is perfect. her dr visit is on wed. so we'll see how she is growing. and she has to get shots :( no fun but oh well it is life we all did it.

well love you guys!!! katie, rich and Delila