hello friends and family. Still here.... this will now be my new blog site. i need to start writing so here we go....... follow my new blog....i will do my best to keep up.



Hey friends in teh bay area!! I am a commin home wednesday! for 2 weeks. and i would love to visit my friends who i miss! Delila and i are so excited to see friends and family! we are soooo excited! so let me know if you wanna get together!!!

its freezing here and i love it! but i am excited for the nice CA weather! woohoo! anyway just a heads up!!


long story short

just after my last post i got a call from a debt collections company and......... IDENTITY THEFT has happend to me! oh JOY! im sooooo glad. NOT! freaking freak! why are people such idiots!


so to start out everyday i try to upload pictures and blogger will NOT let me grrr!!!

so.... a little bit of whats been going on without pictures SORRY FRIENDS!

Delila is so cute and so TWO! if you know what i mean?? TANTRUMS oh joy! potty training though shes doing fab!! so proud of her i would say 95% potty trained. night time and the random accident is what needs to be worked on! oh i love my lil delila! her words and sentences are so cute! i can go on of course.........

Richard and i are keeping very busy!! Rich busy with work and helping me out with all my endeavors! during the winter our soccer team has now started INDOOR soccer. last night was my teams first game and they are so great! cutest little misses ever! but timpanogas soccer on the other hand...... LAME!!! seriously LAME! they are so NOT organized at all i wish that they were cause i like their facility a lot but the people seriously could they get any LAMER! is lamer a word? haha. I have also been keeping very busy with photography and i am loving every bit of it!!! tomorrow i have 3 shoots and it makes me feel happy and proud inside! so VOTE me KATIE KEELE as your family PHOTOGRAPHER! haha.....

Of course i have a billion little projects going on as usual and i love it as well! keeping busy is what i need not saying i dont like to be a lazy mama but keeping busy is GREAT! delila is having fun with her crafty things too. Our home is great and getting to be even more us! pretty soon were gonna be painting our family room cause it is needed and delila will be switching to her big girl room so we need to get that all painted as well.
and the last note of today is... i will be going out to california for business and family fun november 18-december 2. i have like 6 bookings and i still have 4 openings so friends if you wanna set up a shoot with me while i am there let me know and we will discuss what dates are open!! EXCITING stuff going on. so i hope my friends and family are all doing great out in blog world and their life! love ya all!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


she CAN DO IT! she DID IT!

well we are at the great age of 2 and potty training often goes on at that age! delila is doing so great with it. the last 6 days but one day she has been in undies and she has wet 3 undies and they were all at around 7 in the evening outside! so i see a pattern. i should just bring her froggy potty out there with us. she got distracted. but really she has gone poo poo and pee pee in her potty and we are soooooo proud of her! way to go D!!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

updating some of the last little bit

warning all pictures are taken with iphone, i tried to edit them so they were not DARK!

my sweet little miss just being super cute! we love her mucho!! here is delila! she chose her outfit out and we went to walmart! haha

yes even her headband and she put it on like that and i let her wear it! so cute!! this age is GREAT!

so here is delila eating after her nap! she is so so cute after she wakes up! she is watching her favorite show yo gabba gabba! now i got this chair from the DI well i got two actually and the chairs on ebay are worth 175 each kinda crazy. i love them though. i refinished them. they used to be a very ugly outdated wood stain so of course i gave them the fresh white finish with cute black and white fabric. i love them!!

and my sweet delila having lunch.my hair is now darker and i love the redish tint to it and i got it cut as well!

some of delilas halloween art work. my mom is gonna do these letters in vinyl for me but bigger to go just above the white board below and under the writing i will string ribbion from one side to the other of the white board and hand her art work there. super cute!!

some of our halloween decor so far.

and some more fall decor

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.



im glad that with time things begin to heal itself.