the car update

well our poor car is TOTALED!!! the alignment is totally off it would cost a ton to fix. luckily we DO have gap insurance though. oh what fun this all is!! now a whole new set of decisions to make that we didn't think we would have to make for a few years. UGH!
Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


just random pictures from the month.

this month has been a crazy one so i hope all these posts make up for it.
yummy. her first time with watermelon. and she LOVED it.


me and delila. i was so tired and sun burnt from the yard sale.

her favorite thing!!! this is where she stands up on her own the most. almost the whole time she is over there. i think it is cute too how she will pull a dvd out and look at it then softly set it down. haha.

hair. her hair is getting wavy. cute.

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

stinkin car crash

the other day, sunday evening we were coming home from payson and we were a few blocks from his parents house and then CRASH! luckily everyone was just fine. a girl in the other car cut her head with her fake nail, that was nasty and then i am so soar and bruised from shoulder to toe. not fun. i am really feeling it now a couple of days after. so now we need to deal with all the fun stuff that goes along with the crash. one of the things getting a new car seat. by law we have to get a new one BUT insurance will cover that. the only thing out of our pockets will be 300 so thats nice. but here are pictures of our car it is leaking fluids left and right. not drivable FOR NOW! we'll see what the shop says tomorrow though? bla bla bla, accidents suck.

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


here are just a bunch of pictures from california. have a great time looking ahaha they are random

well these pictures are from our night away in half moon bay california. my parents are wonderful and took delila for the night. these are pictures we took when we drove down the coast from half moon bay to santa cruz. it was windy but CLEAR! so pretty! i packed a lunch so that when we got to santa cruz we could pull over and have a picnic on the beach BUT it was the first monday of summer and there was no place to go. it was PACKED! oh well.

my cute hunnie!!!!

this was us at one of the look out spots and then me while rich ran out to look if there was a place to picnic at.

so pretty. the waves crashing, i miss going there.
a great tree richard liked and a cute light house stop we made.

just another of us and the man of my life with a beautiful view.

this was where we stayed. the old thyme inn. very cute little place.

this was one of the great beach houses in half moon bay that we would love to own someday. haha and this was us when we got into town. it was over cast the first night.

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

ok zions...

the start of the trip
the rest of the pictures are out of order! oh well.

rich and delila reading the night time book. rich was so so tired after hes long long hike. and delila loves the books!!


slick hair. sunscreen!!

cousins (2 months apart)

i can't believe she touched the thing. EWE!
the group at dinner. kathy is taking the picture.
the drive there WHOA
she had a BLAST hiking she loved it.

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.