Church Callings!!

So the bishop last Sunday said Katie may i please see you. so i said sure and went on in to talk to him. and well he said how does being WARD CAMP DIRECTOR sound to you? and then i said are you serious?...... he said YES of course. Then i totally started to cry. (any of you the grew up with me or know me really well know that i love camp and know why i started to cry) my bishop says tears of joy i hope? and i said of course bishop. i love girls camp so much and I'm excited to get the opportunity to go now! this is gonna be fun. so i have a lot to get started on this January. fundraisers and planning! i can't wait though. i will have to get tips from my mom cause she has this calling but at a stake level. so it will be great to get ideas from her. anyhow i cant wait!!!!!!!!!



She's like MOM BE DONE GOSH. i can't get enough of those cheeks though!

mom sent these in the mail. today. pretty cute!!! and some old pictures and it made me mad cause i was skinny! haha yea right never again will that happen. anyways Thanks mom love ya!!!

Morgan are you serious?

HAHA!! kidding kidding.... here it goes 30 things that you may not know about Katie Keele!!

1.i get packages from my mom all the time.
2.i am a legal midget.
3.at the end of my pregnancy i couldn't reach the gas pedal. haha
4.i love mint oreos
5.i started doing sit ups today.
6.i am actually going to finish something i started (oh goodness)
7.i love looking at old pictures
8.it is the best feeling catching up with old friends
9.the last 3 nights i got a full 9 hours of sleep. WHEW!!!!!!!!!
10.eating ice clams me down
11.i am a TERRIFIC sister! haha
12.i am having a hard time scrap booking delilas book
13.seeing my parents is prob my favorite thing to do.
14.i LOVE LOVE LOVE budgeting.
15.everybody loves raymond makes my family normal! HAHA
16. my daughter is perfect
17.i had a dream about delila before i knew i was pregnant and that is where i got delila from.
18.i actually really love my job now. AS A MOM!!!!!
19.organizing is a good feeling.
18. not staying organized sucks a lot.
19.i think i am an EXCELLENT wife and mom.
20.i have cooked dinner every night this week so far.
21.shopping is frustrating when shopping for myself.
22. girls just wanna have fun is in my top 5 movies
23. i had a dog growing up named Carmel , Vanilla , Fudge SWIRL!!
24. i never keep the same hairstyle more than a year
25.When delila talks to me it makes me happy
26. i cant ever get enough Salad.
27. there is a lot i need to learn still about life.
28.i love my family more than anything.
29.i like the crisp jacket weather out now.
30. I DO NOT LOVE THE SNOW. and it is about to get her. (i only like it to look at)

now your turn, Stacey, Melissa , Holly and Heather.


Papa's Birfday!!

Delila wants to wish her Papa a Very happy and relaxing birfday. Yesterday was his actual birthday but i didn't have time to get on here. But love ya dad. he has worked a whole month straight with no days off with working from the factory and flying here and there for business trips he finally got yesterday off and this whole weekend. so he decided to take a trip by himself driving up and down the coast lines in california to take some pretty pictures. Love ya dad have fun!

Richard, Katie and Lil Delila

Sweet Lil D !!

Such a sweet lil girl! Yup our girl D is so fun!!! Mommy (me) got a job at The Gap and loves it!! so i get a discount there and Old Navy and Banana Republic. I do it for Delila though. I am making money to pay off some bills first and buy christmas presents. Rich is home at night so thats when i take off to work. Our Friend and Neighbor Morgan used to work at The Gap and so i thought i should work there. She loved it. Also thanks the her lil Girl Ellie for Giving Delila this VERY cute headband!! So I have not been around the blogging world much in the last week cause Rich had his Hernia fixed. YEA! but he has not been able to do much. so i had full one on one time with Delila. Whoa thats fun. usually rich can take her so i can get some things done but he was so yucky feeling. But he is feeling good now well BETTER now. so he took Delila for a few minutes. She actually just fell asleep. LUCKY HIM!

So funny how her ears stick out a bit from the headband. it is cute. Ha Ha . oh and i dont know if you can tell or not, but delila has sparkly finger nails hahaha!

So Delila Was sleeping from 9 to 7 for about five days in a row then for 2 days woke up every 2 hours to eat. and last night she slept 11-8 so i am hoping that we are getting back on track with oh i am supposed to sleep through the night thing again!!! We will see. Last night we went to the Wilkinson center to bowl for our friends birthday but Rich was feeling yuck so we came home. i thought hmm, delila looks so cute and cozy lets have a photo shoot. So here it is. Delila Loves her bumbo so much . She is fun Talks so much. she was talking to Ellen on the TV the other day and then yesterday was talking to Vanessa Williams. i don't know what about but it was cute! Anyways in a week We are flying home to California to see my family. Delila's first plane ride. We will see how she does. any ideas for keeping babies relaxed! i will use them. Thanks! by guys love ya all!!!

Bath Time Love!!

HaHa!! This picture makes me Laugh!!!

Hey guys!! sorry it has been a lil while! Anyhow with Delila's bathtub there are different stages so with the newborn it had a sling they lie in it all comfy in the water. then the second stage is when they can nearly sit up there is a lil ledge to sit in just like in the swimming pool you sit on a step but get nearly all the way under water. so that is what she is in now and the third stage is they sit in the big opening part when they can fully sit up and play! so that is that. she is loving this new stage. We put the lil ducky in and she See's it. Doesn't know yet what to do with it but close. she puts her feet in the bath and kicks. so cute. this morning she was just relaxing in the warm water. Bath Time Love!!!!!!



So Delila was lookin ang looking at her lil play toy keys. all the bright colors and stuff. she reached out and got close and then tried again a few more times and she finally got them and put them into her mouth. Wonderful. i have been working on it this morning. she is GROWING UP!!!! :( i love the lilness but it is ok i love her to bits!!!