So here is an update of the last couple of weeks!!!!!! I went to California (home) to visit family and friends who were so wonderful and kind to have a baby shower for us! it was so much fun all the gifts are so cute and pink and purple and oh this dress it is blue with yellow flowers! and lil bloomers! I LOVE IT! anyhow i also went through the temple and it was a wonderful, wonderful experience! it was GREAT! and i cant wait to go again! also we had an ultrasound and our little girl has GROWN SO STINKIN MUCH in the last month. she is becoming a fatty!!! that is a GOOD thing though. she is just a stinker though. so the girl doing the ultrasound was like ok here we go and ready to take some measurements and right when she had it our little girl moved like it was a game. so something that we noticed before was when richard puts his hand up to my belly she moves towards it and sorta nestles there. so we did it and it worked. yea then rich had a mess on his hands from that jelly stuff! but yea she has ADD already!!! we just get a kick outa these sorta things! as first time parents do.
So it is conference weekend and before it starts for us richard is getting the grass cut. ALL OF IT THIS TIME!!! our WHOLE entire backyard and our front and side yards as well. it is a beautiful day today. nice to have after the nasty weather we have been having. it SNOWED on wed. we were like oh heck no! HAHA! oh well our grass is all pretty and green now though! i need to get our there and decide on flowers to plant and pull some weeds YUCK! YUCK!!!!
if anyone knows please let me know THANKS! we are going down to richards parents house today where all his brothers and sisters are!! and we are going bowling as well. im excited. haha my sister inlaw is prego as well, she is due a month before more so it is fun! BUT IT WILL BE FUNNY TO WATCH TWO PREGO LADYS BOWL GRANNY STYLE!! haha. anyways then the guys will go to priesthood and Kris (mother in-law) is taking us girls out for din din!! i am excited about the weekend though!!!! sorry i dont have pictures to put up this time my mom just took the pics this weekend so i need her to send them to me. then i will add them!!!
well we love you all tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!


just some pictures of our home!

Here are some pictures of our home front and huge backyard. also our front room i love RED and a pic of us up the canyon and my handsom husband rich.


Utah Valley and Mommys to be WHOA!

Richard and I on Thanksgiving day!!!
Grandma Swartz sent us a box of stuff that we LOVED! here are the gloves!!
KEELE this says KEELE!!!!!!! Rich did it from the Sparklers!
And here is our little girls CRIB!!!! we love it!

EVERYWHERE that i look there is another lady pregnant! It is so crazy! Maybe i notice it more now because i am one of those pregnant ladys but WHOA! Yesterday Richards 3 best buds from high school all came over with their wives and it was way fun. Funny thing is 3 outa the 4 (including Rich) have pregnant wives were all do within a month of eachother and 2 of us are having girls the other doesnt know yet! It was so fun though having a bbq and just hanging out to chat! I have decided to go out and really start to make friends here now. All my friends are Richards friends and gosh i love them all , tons of fun but i need to have my own life in a way as well. Just something i was thinking about. Anyways i am working on our little girls scrapbook! I love doing the girly pages with pink bows and such! lots of fun!!!!! Tonight is enrichment and it is scrapbooking night so it shall be fun! Well i just got bored and decided to ramble on for everyone to hear whats going through my head! We got the crib and we love it. I am going home next week to santa clara and i CAN NOT WAIT! My mom is comming out here next month and that is gonna be fun! The most exciting things in life are all happening so soon! next week i am going to be receiving my endowments at the Oakland temple CA. and June 16th Richard and I will be Sealed for all eternity at the Provo Temple Ut. and then in July our little girl will finally be in our arms! so lots of great things to look forward too. We love you all so much and sorry for the rambling but hey i gotta do it somewhere! HAHA! So take care and we will talk again soon!


Another day with pregnancy!!

so everyday is you know a new day. i do feel great. she gives me pains sometimes but i love it just becuase i know she is active and doing well. it is kinda cool to know that she is growing inside of me and everytime she does that i am reminded. but the growing pains are the worst. i love being pregnant though. and reading all about it. sometimes i read stuff that could happen and i try not to worry just cause i am a worry wart when it comes to this. but i have to be tough and confident! richard is wonderful. i feel helpless with stuff. like taking the laundry up and down the stairs haha he is great cause he says katie let me get that you cant. but it is cute how worried and careful he is. it makes me love him even more! so this is the update for today. i think were going with Delila Joy! she has a name!
Also here is a picture of Richard and our Nephew braden. SO CUTE! HAHA they have a blast together.


We can not believe it!!!

Well we found out that we are having a little girl! We are so much more than excited about that! We can not wait to see her. We have a few names picked that we like. Feel free to give us feed back about them as well! Darla, Chloe and Delila!! I know my favorite but i will keep it secret till i find out what people like. haha! Anyways everything went great at my last dr apt. i will be due at the end of july. approx. July 28th. But it is fun to feel her get bigger as we feel her moving around. richard is able to sometimes feel her move. everyday he is like hold still katie let me feel! it is very cute. My belly is gettin really round and growing more and more outward every week. we take updated pictures every week so we love it. Well we love you all so much and are excited to share this joy with you!