Delila loves to chat it up!!

These are so cute. here is delila talking to her daddy! and also Delila talking to toy story! awe, so cute!!!!


Well, i knew it. She sat in the bumbo for 15 min with no peep. just looking around and stuff. she is so so cute!!!! we got it for 25 bucks from these people on ksl and they live 1 block away. and if they were not building the new school we could see their apt. crazy huh. well yea it is here!


She's number 1!! happy halloween as well!

So Kevin and Heather had their 2nd annual halloween party!! It was so much fun! Delila looked so dang cute in her little leopard fairy princess costume!! Pretty kitty!! Richard unstuffed a HUGE Scooby Doo costume and made it fit him. He didn't finish the body part ontime for the party but we'll get pictures of that on Halloween day! anyways i was also a Kitty! Delila's first Halloween was a BLAST!!
Anyways, at the party was a Halloween costume contest and Delila won for best costume! We were super excited for her! She won this little trophy! We tried to get a picture of her sitting up with it but as you can see it didn't really work out!
Thanks Kevin and Heather for a spooktacular night!!!!!!
p.s. Mom the picture with the food Look at My monster mouths i made in the front. the green apples!!!

We just love having Delila!!!

Well she is 3 months old now! can you believe that? we sure can't sometimes! whoa. anyways, she is so much fun to have around. she brightens every day for us. if you smile at her she just smiles back. happiest baby ever! today at church we were running a lil late YUCK!! so we sat in the very back and rich was smiling at delila and she was talking so much it was cute but loud. hey we were in the very back no worries!!! right? haha.
she really is so great, she is starting to really chunk up now she has a gut like mommy and daddy! oh no. richards friend tom , a friend from boyhood came to visit with his family from cedar city and their daughter josie is just 3 weeks older than delila. so it was fun to see them together! delila is still longer my word!
Also D Loves to hold blankets or burp rages anything soft right by her. it is super cute cause she will grab it if we put it near her and we love it. also if she drops out her Binky and it is near her face she finds it and shoves it back into her mouth. kinda fun! Also she loves spitting spit bubbles now. it is super funny. that is the picture of her on the floor spitting spit bubles haha!!!
So we love you guys tons!!!! see ya soon family!
p.s. J.Ray, Jayden and Jonaven We love you all and Delila can't wait to see you 3. only 3 more weeks. Tell grammy you want to start a WE GET TO SEE DELILA COUNTDOWN! love you!



he said yes i just need to use a coupon or find it on craigslist or ksl. YEA!!! no prob i can do that.
i just got excited thats all.!!!


TO GET A BUMBO!!! or richard says "to not get the bumbo"

rich can this change your mind.

these are so stinkin funny. i really would love to get a bumbo for a few minutes of free time. and also the reviews that i have read are all really good reviews. the only con i read is the price. so my plan is to cut a lot of hair ( i only charge ten bucks people come see me) and save up and buy it. we will see. it is supposed to strengthen their neck and back muscles. it is proven to help with posture too.

ready set get bumbo part 1


part 2


part 3



Richards Little Princess!!! (he's gonna hate that haha)

Delila is so animated and alert, more than ever now! It is so much fun! last night was her cousin max's 1st birthday party. she got him a fun dump truck with legos. He said he loves it and delila said yeah, i am glad! haha. anyways so this first picture is cute. she loves watching video games. only good ones though that are colorful! and the picture just below is of all the lil cousins and then 4 of the 6 kids in richards family. max is on the far left with his daddy-o! And Delila is to helping her uncle josh with his math homework! anyhow tomorrow is my dr's apt and i hope the outcome is good. mom you know what im talking about. im kinda freaked out about it. oh well. Love you guys!


We painted our Bedroom!!

We painted! YEA!!! I have been wanting to do this for A YEAR NOW!! we finally did it. i really love it, super cozy in our bedroom now. anyways and this is a pic of me HAHA! a lil chubby but oh well!

Mom Just Loves her Girl!

I am hearing the cutest thing right now!!! Richard is in our bedroom with Delila and they are talking to each other. Delila has this cute howling sound that she makes followed by a laugh. so cute!! Anyways I love Delila so much, i can not stop taking pictures of her. I hope you all don't mind. I sure know Grammy doesn't mind! But yea, here are some pictures of Delila and myself. It is funny cause one she looks like she is taking the picture herself. and others are just super sweet of her. LOVE HER!!!!!!


Delila, Our lil' girl!

Well, here are some more pictures of our lil' girl! She is very fun! tons of personality. She saw her papa on wed for a while before he had to go up to Salt Lake for work. that was fun. right away when he held her she started the show. SMILES ALL AROUND! haha so cute. its funny to see my dad with delila well cute too of course but he is so gentle :) Anyways delila loves her bath time and really loves getting the lotion massage after the bath. (as shown in picture below) So she is almost 3 months. Whoa. Love you guys.


Delila's going old school

HAHAHA!! Delila went old school with the glasses. she is such a funny lil girl now. she get so excited and laughs. we had a wonderful time with grammy here over the weekend and papa gets here tomorrow for the day then has to go up to slc to work. anyways another picture with delila and daddy playing xbox as always. she loves it though sitting there. Love you all!



i killed it. our neighbors prob thought i was crazy or something cause i was jumping around outside hoping it never landed on me! haha
NO MORE SCARED KATIE NOW! now i have to go clean off the bottom of my shoe and also the pillowcase as well!! NASTY GUTS ON OUR PORCH!! haha.


EEEK! SICK! EWE! i said all that in 10 seconds cause i saw this black thing jumping around in our bedroom. a jumping freaking beetle! now you see why i said all those things! so i looked EVERYWHERE for it and then when rich got home he helped too. we thought oh well i guess it went down the vent! OH NO IT DIDNT! this morning i woke up with Delila and hung out then all the sudden i see this black thing again jumping off delilas head this time onto the bed next to richards pillow. i think hey i will smother it under the pillow. DUH katie you cant do that says richard on the phone with me! (at this point i started to cry and shake) hahaha i dont know why i was tired i was grossed out?? haha! richards like katie it is ok seriously trap it and then kill it. so i think yea ok it is that easy let me do that! anyways i do a search for it again all over the room and then i look in the pillowcase where richards pillow is and it is in there. so i trap it in there and i grab a shoe and smack where it is. nothing happened. so for now it is trapped in the pillowcase with the pillow and when i get the guts i will figure things out again! EEK! SICK! EWE!


Mother and Daughter

So Here we are! Delila and Mommy! i tried to get them all in order but YES I KNOW I MIXED THEM UP SOME! oh well! Our lil girl has gotten so big. flashback to july 31st to now! whoa! love the girl!