Delila and Daddy

Delila and her daddy! He looks HOT! :) I love the old look of this picture.

Our little Ladybug

This year for Halloween Delila was a cute little LADYBUG! Goodness she looked adorable in her little tutu. It was fun to make it. It would have been PERFECT a couple of weeks ago while we were at her cousins football game. The same colors. Great thing is though that she can wear it for a few more years for dress up time. I decided that after Halloween i am going to go to places and buy Halloween costumes for dress up. They are so cheap after.

happy halloween

Well here is one of our picture from my brother and sister n' laws annual Halloween party. It was so much fun. Rich and I kinda last minute decided to be Bonnie and Clyde! it was fun though. Delila was a cute Ladybug. I made he cute little TUTU! it was pretty simple. Anyway, have a very safe Halloween


The Perfect House

These are just some pictures i took while we were there looking. thank goodness i did because they already took the house off of the MLS! sheesh!!! there pictures were better than mine too. oh well!

So over the weekend we put an offer on THE PERFECT HOUSE for us!! And..... They accepted our offer. We are so so excited. House hunting this time around was lots harder but much easier at the same time. this time we really wanted something that just said THE KEELE'S all over it. or at least KATIE all over it. hahaha j.k. there are things i love about it (everything) and things that rich loves about it ( off the master bed 2nd floor there is a balcony and it is perfect for rich to star gaze.) and well Delila will love it cause she already has 3 friends that will be living a couple houses down from her. SO EXCITING. rich and i already have friends there too and family. Anyway, we can not wait to move in. We move out this weekend from our home because the family that is moving in are renting it out from us for a few weeks until closing and then it is our big day to move into our new perfect beautiful home! We can not wait!


Harvest Chick


We went to a little Pumpkin Patch near our house and Delila had lots of fun TRYING to pick up all of the Pumpkins. We walked in and she went right to her pumpkin. She was so so cute! Next year will be GREAT!


Yup, that is right, you read it!! We close mid November. We just don't want any random things to come up. Doubt that there will, but you know. We pretty much got lucky i think, that or the Lord really is looking out for us. Great offer and all! so now the packing {OH THE PACKING} begins!