i'm allmost 24 WHOA!!!

oh and richard loves astronomy!! he has a couple telescopes that are cool and here is a pic he took of the moon!! WHOA!!!!

mom do you feel really old now that your youngest is 24 in less than 24 hours!! haha. only kidding mom i love ya! anyways i decided to darken my hair and cut me some bangs again. well my hair is natural allmost actually! but i used good hair coloring with no fumes and amonia stuff. just haning out passing time by. tonight were gonna camp in our backyard with friends haha! we have a lil fire pit as well. so it will be fun! then tomorrow were gonna bbq for din din! yum. and were gonna have breakfeast with our friends tyler and dom. and i got 120 buck that rich saved up to give me for clothes after delila comes and i lost the weight i wanted. i only gained like 15 pounds though so thats nice. most of that is baby stuff! anyways all whenever ur in utah for the summer visits come visit us too!

love you

oh and delila is comming closer i can feel her down there and it HURTS WHOA! oh and my mom gets home today from girls camp. YIPEE!!!!



sorry another post. i am not progressing. it is gonna take time. and thats ok. anyways patients is a great thing to have i tell ya!

slow but happening

at 11 this morning i was check and dilated to a 4 then at 4 i was checked and dilated to a 5. so it is slowly happening. people say first pregnancys often take a while?!! it is ok though cause i feel ok!! i am WALKING A TON TON TON!!!!!!!!! anyways things are going good. my fluids are still in there a lot. it hardly came out so i still might feel the RUSH!!?? we will see so my plan is to try to get further along and umm then go to the hospital when i really have to. i dont want to be TIED UP so to speak. anyways love ya guys.

call if you need to.


now lets see how it goes this time

so things are progressing finally. im starting to loose my water and mucus plug. contractions are 7 minutes apart. my mother in law (midwife) says 24 hours. but we will see how it goes?? last time this happened dr stopped the labor this time it is ALL OKAY!!!!!! anyways im very excited and richard is way more anxious than i am. he is so cute. so i thought i would update

we were sealed last saturday it was THE BEST EVER!


Labor and Delivery

i had another trip to labor and delivery. Dr's orders. anyways i was having braxton hicks contractions like 9 or 10 an hour and they were painful a lil i was like what the heck? so Dr. Watabe said go on in and get checked up. So i did. im having REAL CONTRACTIONS already. im 70% affaced and Dialated at a 2. kinda crazy. i still have time ya know. so i got a great pill that will make the contractions SLOW down. anyways i have to take it easy. REST REST REST i was told! and DRINK DRINK DRINK!! ( haha girls camp saying) so i go to the dr tomorrow and i will prob get checked out again FUN! well delila is very pushy i guess. well love you all!!!


she is growing and growing SHEESH

i cant see my feet anymore. well i have not been able to fo such a long time now but i noticed that i need a pedicure. MOM THIS WEEKEND OKAY! haha! anyways you can see Delila's cute porta-bed behind me. super adorable. anyways today is saturday and a big cleaning day for us cuase if i go to the dr. on tuesday and he says bed rest or nothing to much around the house or anything like that. i wont be able to clean and get anything done. so today is the day. and all my family is comming on friday and saturday too so we might as well have it look pretty for them. our house that is. TOMORROW IS OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! yea we made it through the hardest year! and we are still madly inlove with eachother!!!

well love you guys, Katie and Rich

p.s. im super baby hungry now SHEESH!


Katie and Delila Update

So i went to the dr today and didnt get great news. Well i went in got my blood pressure checked and it is to high. then i told him some symptoms i have been having and they ALL relate to preeclamsia. so i have to do the 24 hour urine sample today and tomorrow! SUCKS!! so i am not positive what preeclamsia is but i will find out. anyways if that is the case that i do have preeclamsia it could result in a early delivery. maybe emergency c-section. whatever keeps Delila and myself healthy though is ok. BUT she is measuring at allmost 35 weeks where i am only 33 weeks. she that is good cause a lot of times the baby will be small in result of preeclmasia. but i need to be way intune with my body the dr said and if anything changes at all i have to call or go to labor and delivery right away. i thought i would share all this with you guys and i will keep everyone updated as well. love you!!!


Mason Scott Wies

Here is the newest addition to the family! our nephew very cute nephew i might say MASON SCOTT WIES!!! after only for pushing for 18 minutes at 8:45 pm on thursday May 31st 2007 he was here!! she has been in labor for the last 3 days they said we gotta do something so they enduced her broke her water and then 8 hours of relaxing labor actually from the epidural she gave birth!! it was fun for me to just be there and hang out and take care of braden THE BIG BROTHER NOW! anyways i thought it would be fun to share i have another nephew!!!

p.s. I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY NEXT MONTH!! it is june first i can say that now!!!!