another adventure! one that i am SO INLOVE with.


check this out. it is my stuff so far! im very excited to start this part of the business!


Delilas bday party # 2

We had such a GREAT time at delilas party! everything was GREAT! i wish i got out there earlier to get pictures before little fingers got to everything and before the wind blew the candy backdrop down! oh well. but it was sooooooooo GREAT!

last minute rich made this cute little arch!

this is our neighbor grant. delila calls him papa grant. haha. she loves their dog chip. the little brown one. the white doggy they are doggy sitting.

giving thank you hugs.

little linus guy

the wind blew the poor tissue flowers around.

D jumping

we borrowed this fun bounce.

i made this little fence thingy. like a string of candies.

kelly and linus. so cute.

the squashed cake! yummy. thanks heather.

haha the face. haha
mommy and daddy got her undies! wooohooo cant wait!
ok our little missy loves to color. may i brag for a moment... she is so good too! i will hae to show a picture of how detailed she is at age 2.

she is so inlove with babies. loves to feed it burp it and put it nigh nigh.

gma keele got lila size 2T pants but our 2T baby is little! hehe these are not gonna fit for a bit.
cracks me up! hehe
party guest!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.