Spoiled and she isn't even here!

So here is the start of Delila's bedroom. we are nearly done. we just have a few touch ups here and there!!!!! my mom was a huge huge help last weekend and richard was also. rich did such a great job on the center moldings on the wall!! love him lots! but i kinda learned how to sew now i just gotta put the machine to work myself!!!!! anyways i love her room and i wish it was mine! haha kidding rich would go crazy with all the pink but he loves it and cant wait to have our baby in the room! anyways it was a fun weekend!!! love you guys, xoxoxxoxoxoxo
p.s. the dress was my blessing dress and grandma kuhn made it for me and grandma swartz has kept it nice all these years as well....... so now our little girl gets to wear it too!!!!!!!!!!!



Here is the start of the bedroom and all the hard but fun work as well!!!! we have one more coat on the top half and then we are done. we can put all the furniture back into the room and get ready to go!!! We went to the dr. today and she is growing a lot. she measured 1 week further now. so just about 28 weeks now! time is flying by and we still have so much to do and buy!!

My mom is going to be intown on friday and we cant wait! she will be here till monday so mom and i have got a lot to get done. such as sewing all the bedroom stuff! i am gonna learn how. isn't that so exciting! gosh it is gonna be a disaster. well i hope not but im sure it will be!

Anyways all is well and i hope everyone is doing great!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


I'm gonna punch, jab, kick & elbow mommy in her ribs!!!!!!

baby bump 1 at 6 months and 31/2 weeks about 27 weeks
baby bump 2 growing like crazy
baby bump 3 it all of the sudden grew like crazy
our new couch downstairs!!!!! i love it!!
this couch is so so comfy!!!! awe im gonna go sit on it now!!!!!!

yes this is what happens when your pregnant and under 5 foot!! you get all beat up from your baby in your ribs before your third trimester! haha!!! seiorusly it only sorta hurts when she is in my ribs but it is fun to watch! richard and delila play a game now!! she puts a limb out and richard goes to get it and she relaxes and then she does it again and richard goes to get her and she relaxes! it is pretty funny!!!!! she sorta responds to our voices now. well mine she does i sing to her when im bored. if someone was watching me throughout the day while at home they would think i am crazy! i dont care though it is fun to see delila get excited!! when she hears richards voice though she moves around a lot more!!! very fun!
i am excited because we have been wanting to buy a sectional for downstairs for a while now! and so finally we did!!!! we love love love it! so stinkin comfy!! next step now is to paint down there a beige color!! no sleeping on the new couch!!! haha. were making rules now! it is funny!
it is snowing today! not cool, not cool at all! this week is just stormy. next week though, thats another story! it is gonna be pretty! thank goodness cause my mom from sunny california doesnt want to have a snowy visit!
my mom comes next thursday and throughout the weekend we are gonna sew and sew and sew. were making delila's bedding and so on for her cute room!! but still i am just excited for my mom to come to help me get little things done. seriously moms know all. it is funny cause my mom would be like katie did you do this?... and im like....................... haha no i didnt realize i should! goodness i would be lost without the lady!! now i am gonna be a mom CRAP i better follow in gingers (moms) footsteps or else my kids will be like man mom you stink! oh gosh please dont let that happen to me! haha. those are my fears now. it is pretty crazy!!
next month were gonna take the hypnobirthing class! i am very excited about that! im reading all about it and i cant wait! im actually really looking forward to labor and the excitement and craziness! im not scared really! i mean c'mon why should i be scared i know exactly what is gonna happen. i am gonna be in PAIN! sure that is gonna stink but you know what it is very cool to me and exciting! all natural no drugs no nothing just me and the baby and richard working together to bring her into the world!! anyways you guys are wonderful for keeping up with this blog i do! my jabbering and such!
take care, till next time!!! love you guys!!!


holy crap i feel like a beast!!!

so i have been feeling rather beastly recently!! not only cause i feel as if i am getting HUGE but because i am eating to much food! i love food now!!!!!! that is a good thing. i need to start gaining some weight. but anyways things are really coming along. thanks goodness for wonderful friends and family that gave us great gifts for the baby. tons of pink stuff, like i said "bring on the pink!". but we got a bouncer, a stroller / car seat travel system. love it. we put the car seat in the car!!!! HA HA! excited much???? but have been putting things together organizing what needs to be organized. really spending my time well. i have been scrapbooking a lot more and making cards. whoa I'm kinda crafty after all! but for the next 3 months we have PROJECT AFTER PROJECT AFTER PROJECT!! gonna keep busy... but i am excited because we are going to buy a sectional couch for downstairs!!! our home is becoming a home and it feels great! the weather is pretty again so that makes me wanna keep our house clean like very clean! cause my allergies are going WILD!!! anyways i will get pics up i promise!! but i just wanted to update this. YEA FOR ACHES AND PAINS!!!!!