my dad! my huz!

my rich is a great Father to delila and she adores him! hes a hard worker and i mean that cause as we speak he is doing touch up painting for me on fathers day! he's awesome! i am glad he has taught delila the things he has and he is willing to work his butt off to provide enough that delila can have an exciting life!

my dad is also a hard working man as well. he runs a family company along with my mom and my brothers that also work there. he is on business trips all of the time but never complains because he know how important it is! he has a very loving heart and can always make me smile. i am forever a daddys girl! most of my pictures as a little girl were sitting with my dad! my favorite is me when i was around 3 or 4 wearing matching jammies with my cabbage patch doll on my dads lap while i was totally asleep! i wish i had it here. but on top of being a great dad he is an AMAZING papa who love his gran kids! delila sure loves her papa so much and often randomly asks "hmmm where papa at?" and that to me is the best ever! a couple of my favorite things about my dad are..... he is a quiet person but when he has something to say he does! he's always had interesting stories and tells them well! also the best is when my dad is about to tell a funny story (haha) he starts it out and less than 10 seconds into the story he starts laughing and then goes on and never stops laughing! it is one of those times i know i am my fathers daughter! thanks for passing it on to me!

i know that these two amazing men have and will raise their children to be the best persons they can be! they really are two of my hero's in life! thanks for always being here for me ;)

delila and papa
my dad is a very patient person ( i used that caption because he is teaching my mom here at our old home awe, a few different settings on the camera and well sometimes that takes patience! haha) oh and me as a daughter he prob has learned patience there too.

delila and richie one of my favorite father daughter pictures.

my dad and delila!
richie always teaching delila GOOD things to do. hahaha
my round headed no haired baby girl and my super cute hubby

another one of my favorite daddy daughter pictures.

i love you richie and i love you daddie!!


give o way give o way

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you should really go this this site to enter in for this give away. it is a GOOOOOD one!! i promise you will love it! and dont stop there, keep reading on to the rest of her posts, you wont be disappointed!


Thank you KEVIN!!!!!

So this is a picture my brother in law kevin made of delila!! i seriously love it so so much! i just want to cry happy tears. THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE IT! He did this for me as my birthday gift. (JUNE 30th) best birthday gift i could ever get! Kev again i thank you so so much! i love it!!!!!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.

things that inspire me for our home.


3 years of good times!

Dear Richie.
Thank you for a wonderful 3 years and i am excited for the many many many years to come. i am so grateful for our great laughs together and the happiness you bring to my life. thanks for being a great husband and even more thanks for being an amazing daddy. delila adores you and that is the sweetest thing to see. i love you rich!! thanks for being amazing!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


nearly done. so here is a peak.

k so here is a preview of the close to finished dining room. i still have a few things to do like fill in the gaps and one more coat and a shelf is going on this wall as well!! i did about 95% of this on my own so i am pretty proud! so i have 4 more slats to put up and paint and the coat of paint of white all around and i will be DONE! whoa huge project. it wasn't gonna be but it has been a week now! SHEESH!

i kinda like the dark chairs against the wall but we will see if i keep them? i will prob end up painting them still??? whats your opinion?


oh drat!

is pretty much what i have been saying the last few days! re-painting our dining room is crazier than i thought. first i got this paint a while back i loved and i wanted to do it for our dining room... so i painted it and got it all done and a couple hours later after looking at it I HATED IT! really i did. so anyways i right away began to paint it the blue that is in our kitchen thinking oh it isnt bright in the kitchen but DUH the kitchen is a small area with not a ton of light. so i then got nearly done with that blue color and looked around and oh my gosh bright, bright, bright! i cant handle it. so i let it sit a couple of days and look every now and then at it and every time i do i HATE it.

i love this!!! soooooooo pretty

now here is the happy ending well close to the ending.... i knew i wanted it lighter/softer so i took the white we had and added a tint of our blue to it and I LOVE IT! yes i LOVE IT! it is white with a tint of blue and i LOVE IT! the nice part is that i didnt do the bottom or the top cause were gonna do a nice wainscoting on the bottom and a nice molding on top! awe i am happy. now i wanna do the wainscoting so bad. first time doing it but i am excited! it really is not that pricey either!! SO STOKED!