She's Crafty!!!

Oki Doki so here is the Delila Shrine...... and me pregnant at 32 weeks!!
i went out to Roberts Crafts and got the letters and paper and mod podge and made her name cute so we have something on the shelf. i also saw the cute vase and cute gerber daisys (fake) and arranged them so they could sit up there as well!!
well i just wanted to share this with everyone. i really am in the nesting stage of pregnancy. i want to get everything perfect and done and i want to re-do every room!! HAHA oh well it is ok! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT 8 MORE WEEKS!! maybe less?!!!
anyways love you all take care!!



ok so this sunday (every 4th sunday) i will be teaching the lesson in relief society now. and i am pretty excited about it. it makes me feel all grown up. well having delila does to but this is different. maybe some of you understand? anyways i suggest EVERYONE reads Elder Uchtdorfs talk in the ensign page 99. the general conference ensign. Point of Safe Return. one thing i love the most is he talks about my FAVORITE scripture. Moroni 7:12. so what are you waiting for go go go. but teaching the lesson and preparing for it is awsome cuase you learn so much from it. i hope that the sisters learn a lot like i have from my teachings. never taught a lesson before but who knows it can be the thing for me?

well news umm i had a dr's apt on tuesday my last monthly apt. now it is every 2 weeks. and she is measuring right on 31 1/2 weeks. the dr is super close to putting me on bed rest he said cause i have been having a few issues that make him think early labor is possible so he wants to be safe. but not to worry not to worry people everything is A OK! so in 2 weeks on the 5th we will see how it goes then. i have been having mild contractions. nothing anything to worry about like minutes apart or anything just contractions and they are not so bad i can deal with them no prob. but delila is dropping a bit wich is a bit nicer when it comes to breathing. everything is happening so fast kinda. i was like is this normal to the dr. for this to happen already he goes yes. it gradually happens and then poof here is your wonderful baby. so nothing to worry about. oh and my wonderful thyroid was overshot so now we have to fix that AGAIN!!! they had my dosage tooooo high.

anyways the other day it was funny cause richard was like what do you want for your birthday? i SO FORGOT!!!! yea like im focused on turning 24. not that the age scares me but because we are gettin sealed on the 16th and having a baby the next month. my birthday is far from on my mind. i said oh gosh i forgot. i said wait till after delila is here then i can loose weight with the encouragement of money to buy new clothes!!!!!!! so there it is. i am determined to loose this weight not like i really have gained any but still i am determined!!

so i love you guys a bunch and we will see some of you soon!!!!!! mom and dad a little over 3 weeks YEA!!!!!!

p.s. we have an ikea now and urban outfitters is coming in the fall!!!!!


another day in baby land.

Well here is a new picture of me and the bump! 30 weeks along and still going! i woke up this morning and i was getting dressed and Richard goes oh my gosh Katie look.... i was like what, gosh what??? i looked at my belly and like 5 new stretch marks over night! oh what a beautiful thing! haha. i didnt get any till the end of last month i got a small one! and now look it is crazy! but it is for a good thing!! also are some pictures of my mom and i. showing me how to sew. haha it was a great weekend. MOM GET OUT HERE AGAIN! SOON!!! PLEASE!!! Richard especially wants you to come again. but for reals he does. Anyway, things are going good. i had a lovely unplanned visit to labor and delivery last week. for many reasons. thank goodness everything is just dandy. we got new bedding for our bed and we love it. not to much is new though. anyways enjoy the new pictures and enjoy my sun kissed cheeks. haha. it has been toasty here and i forgot to put on sunscreen so i got the lovely sun kissed cheeks. well love you all!!