Little D is so Sweet

Well Lil Delila is One month old!! she is super sweet and she now will fall asleep on her own in her bed. LOVE IT and she only wakes up once throughout the night. i know i know she is good. HAHA! anyways she is going to be blessed on sunday and so her family is here intown to visit. anyways thats the latest. love you all so much!



This is my Dr and I at my 2 week apt. i am healing great! anyways Dr. Watabi is very nice and was so good about everything. and then there is the cutest picture of my nephew JRay or what he calls himslef (Jason) haha! my mom just did a kandid of this it turned out so sweet. and then more of my little girl. she is getting chunky and i love it. FACT girls get more chunky in the legs than boys. my mom learned that with me and i learned that from her. ( FACT, from the office DUH Dwight) She is gettin long delila is. she grew 2 inches in 2 weeks and gained 11 oz as well. shes growing so much. she had to get more pricks on her foot so thats her first bandaid! anyways those are the latest updates. MOM GOES HOME TOMORROW! bummer. oh well i will see her in 2 weeks now. love you guys!

Pretty Pictures papa did!!

So my dad made delila's pictures very pretty and now they are here and so we get to print them off and put them all over our home! we love her much! she made a squirt a few feet away on richard today haha! it was kinda funny. i kept laughing saying sorry i am laughing it was too funny! anyhow love you guys!


Happy Birthday Grandpa Steve!!

the big Five O finally hit! way to go. Delila was so excited to tell grandpa happy birthday. she is so cute. Anyways we love you bunches!!



before i forgot to mention also that I AM PRE PREGNANCY WEIGHT AND PRE RICHARD WEIGHT. i have not weighed this little in prob 4 years! GO ME! walking buddies always welcome! Now dont get me wrong i am not skinny minny but for some reason it is working out this way. eventually things will go back but what an exciting moment HAH!

some more fun pictures of my Girl D.

I forgot to mention that yesterday durring sacrament mtg my dad was holding Delila and my mom had her head on my dads shoulder and they were both just looking at her for a long time. it was my favorite moment of the weekend. SUPER ADORABLE!

Delila had a Photoshoot with Papa!!

So our little Delila and her Grammy and Papa finally met and spent the whole weekend together. Grammy gets to stay a whole week longer! We are Glad about that. But we had a blast durring her first photoshoot with Papa. the pictures turned out very cute and in 3 weeks when they are back for her blessing SEPT. 2nd here in provo (come one, come all) we will have another photoshoot with papa! Anyway she is still great and doing good, we have her first dr. visit on wed. i hope he doesnt tell me im a bad mom and im not feeding her enough. but i swear thats what she does. she EATS! all the time. and that is ok with me i love spending time with her. So she also had her first long car ride an hour away to kaysville. Thats where her Great Grandma Joye lives! she met her great aunts and uncles and cousins. lots of fun! So that was our weekend with the family we had a BLAST!


D is a NUT

She is such a Nut! The winner for the most GOOFY faces goes to Delila Joy!But she can also be Sweet and Shy! we just love her so much. She is still pretty good for the most part. she does have the normal baby breakdown for feed me now lady with the food!! Anyways just some pictures to get time by for the family and friends that are not here with us. MOM AND DAD GET HERE TONIGHT! GRAMMY AND
PAPA TO DELILA! cant wait!!!


1 Week Young Tomorrow! WHOA!!

well Our little Delila is growing up fast. her favorite things to do..... SLEEP, EAT, SLEEP ON DADDYS CHEST, EAT, and MAKE FUNNY FACES AT MOMMY AND DADDY!!!! oh and POOP LOTS OF STUFF!!!

she is such a gem! she hardly ever fusses SHE DOESNT CRY! she fusses! she is for sure heaven sent! we love her to bits and bits. Daddy loves her so much and mommy LOVES to see his affection towards her.

Anyways she is Great and gettin chunky already and lookin a lil more like daddy too. changes happen all the time and i we love every minute with her. (rich and Delila are having daddy daughter time right now so i can update everyone. HE IS SINGING TO HER HAHAHA)

We hope everyone is great and if you can make it to her Blessing Sept 2nd here in provo then please DO come! lots of joy in our lives right now and we cant wait for more!


Delila is SO PERFECT

Our little Delila!

she loves her tounge
cutting whats left of the cord after the c-section
she has super long fingers and toes better pics of this to come!
Leaving the hospital!!

happy auntie kristal

Daddy never ever left her side! NEVER!
i love seeing them together he loves her to bits!
our perfect little angel
happy uncle josh!!

can i just say how happy i am to finally have delila in my arms! she is super good and super beautiful! sadly everyone says sorry rich she got all her looks from mom! but i see rich in her a bit! anyways love her to bits. i had to have a c-section due to complications durring labor. but all is ok and fine she is the cutest little thing and totally worth every bit! oh by the way PITOCIN SUCKS! i tried as long as i could got a lil more than half way and gave up. epidural i got. then a spinal block whoa long day! anyways here she is love you guys!