funniest lil kid

across the street from us there is a family of 3 boys and they just had a girl a lil before delila was born. anyways. there 3 yr old in the summer runs around in just shorts and moon boots! haha and then those little orange and yellow car toys lil kids can ride in well he has one. funny thing is he only liks to run around and push it! he is so cute.

little sugar is 8 weeks!!

thats delila going poo poo hahaha

Delila showing us her pretty long fingers

Delila likes tummy time. shes getting very strong now.


hey all!! i hope that everyone had a fun september and is looking forward to fall like we are. last night richard had friends of scouting. he had to go around and get donations for the boy scouts and i really wanted to get some cleaning done so he agreed to take her with him. MOSTLY CAUSE, he got halo 3 a couple days ago and thats all he does when he gets home HAHA! he prob felt bad! so we bundled up delila and put her in her cute snugly and popped it on daddy. she loved it. hopefully it helped get some donations. haha. anyways things here are good and couldnt be better! we went to visit grandma and rudy got to see delila as well. i forgot to get a picture of delila and rudy together. WHY YOU ASK?!! cause he only held her for a moment. he was afraid he was gonna brake her. oh SHEESH! at thanksgiving time you better give her the time of day rudy. no kidding! anyways she is growing cause she used to just eat 2 ounces every 2 hours now she wants to eat 3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours so thats good. shes growing! and ok let me tell you about last night. WELL NOT MUCH TO TELL, WHY????? because delila went to sleep at 10 with mommy then woke up at 5 to eat and THEN WENT RIGHT TO SLEEP and finally the best part, DID NOT WAKE UP TILL just passed 9 THIS MORNING. so a great day. oh i got my hair cut shorter haha. and now i want it shorter in the back even more i decided haha......... i guess it is a new mom thing people tell me. love you guys!

oh funny thing yesterday, delila passed some burped and then went ahhhh and smiled haha the funniest thing!


cousin love! or hate?

Ok so never can we get a normal picture of them. haha. this is delilas cousin mason. mason is exactally 2 months older than delila. man our lil girl is petite. thats ok though shes still growing. anyways this was just funny so we had to put it up here.


6 weeks whoa

Well here are a ton of new pictures. i think one of them is older (when she didnt have a belly button yet) i just thought it was such a cute picture. and also umm my hair went a little darker than i wanted it to go. oh well. so delila is still a sweetheart. sleeping well. eating a lot more. so i am thinking that means she is GROWING? whoop whoop. so it is great cause now she is totally starting to koo or coo. smiling lots with it. so much fun. her naps are not that great but at night is when it counts for me. haha. well it is great to watch her grow. i love being a mom. people say it is so tough. yea maybe a itsy bitsy bit. it is the best ever. love her!!


Mother Sucker *

Our Friend Chelsea made this shirt for people. it is cute. Please do not be offended please!


He actually did a pretty dang good job too! Not to shabby richard. it looks weird kinda from the lighting of the camara but it looks great otherwise. forget paying for haircuts now. We are the Hair cutting family now! anyways here is delila also in her lil swing. and me slowly looking normal again!


another lil photoshoot with papa