PPPPPROJECT in the works

So i am very excited about this project. my friend kelli and i were sitting on the floor today in my living room folding laundry (this used to be her living room haha) (she has no washer and dryer cause they are moving into their new house TODAY PROB!!) anyway we were sitting talking and i mentioned something i wanted to do and oh man the things we come up with from just one little idea is amazing!!! so today i will get started on project 1 and also on project 2 woohoo! i cant wait to share the greatness with everyone this weekend! i of course have several other projects on my list of to-dos but these are happening first!

On another note our sweet delila is doing well in her big girl bed! she has only come into our room at night once this week and we took her right back after she fell asleep with us! woohoo... so through the night is great but falling asleep is harder. so it will take us another week or so till we figure out whats gonna work best with her. it seems she isnt tired enough to fall asleep in her bed alone untill nearly 10 pm.... she also really likes to cuddle with mommy and daddy especially daddy before she goes to bed. anyway any hints for us?

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round 2 of my baby girls pictures.

So here is the other batch of many pictures i got the same day as before! i really enjoy taking pictures of people and kids!! especially my own lil pretty girl! who doesnt though! so i went along and did some photo shop to these. i love making old fashioned lookin pictures! anyways my lil sweetie is napping and doing awesome in her big girl bed!!!

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my first photo shoot with delila!

So on friday night while waiting for our friends the Quangs to get here i took delila outside for a little 5 minute photo shoot because it was windy! here are some of the pictures i chose! She is looking so much older now and it kills me! Anyway i love richards camera and take it when i can! so we didnt have much time so these were some of the best ones but i am gettin better! and learning more as well!

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human chipmunk

oh man and this wasnt even the worst!! haha!! the worst will remain a mystery!

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First off HAPPY EARTH DAY! delila looks adorable today in her little earth day outfit! oh i love her. all day yesterday she would come over and give me hugs and look at me with a sad face and say oooooh momma owie and kiss my cheeks better. awe i love her!!!

They are gone and i am glad for that BUT GOLLY i am in PAIN! yesterday was a terrible day. fainted, looked ghost white most the day and puked like 5 time. sorry for telling you all that last part but golly! i know in a few days i will feel better but ugh! if you wanna see what a human chipmunk would look like then come over and look at me. i am hoping to get some sleep today cause i didnt in the night. my sister in law kathy has delila today and i am so grateful for that. i need to rest. my drugs are starting to kick in finally and it makes me sleepy so i hope it works. i ate something this time with the meds so i hope i dont get sick again! well i wanted to sign on to let everyone know i am still alive but ugh!!!!! the stupid teeth were so far in there and my mouth is so small i am lucky that my jaw didnt break! it was a close one though! well yea have a great day!

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Delila is a BIG GIRL!

So Delila is on her way to being a BIG GIRL! She is so cute!! Here is the story! So on Monday i talked to delila all day about one thing to do to be a big girl is to sleep out of a crib a big girl bed! No we dont have a normal twin or anything yet for her but the front of her crib is off now so she is free to roam! So when daddy got home and took it off she got so excited.

So 8:30 came around for nighty night time and she got in her jammies and brushed her teeth and we then said ok Delila get in your big girl bed and she was so excited. She got in and Richie and i began to read her, her bedtime stories. Then we said our family prayer and gave her kisses for goodnight! We then turned off the light (she still had a night light though) and shut the door the same as we always do.

We stood by the door for a minute or two with some excitement and heard her cry for 2 seconds then silence. so after the two minutes we went downstairs and about 40 minutes later richie went up to check on her!

He came back down a minute later and said I AM SO PROUD OF OUR LITTLE GIRL! i asked why? He said She pulled out one toy and then went up and got in her bed! She did great that night and didnt wake up till 6 am! She is so GREAT!

Last night She again did well with going to sleep in her room haha not her bed. she fell asleep on the floor but didnt make a mess again. at least she is going to sleep and not being naughty. We will see how it goes tonight! SHE IS SO CUTE! i love our lil D!

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Last but not Least

The last little bit of Easter now. Delila can not get enough of her cousin Colton! The newest little dude to the Kuhn Family! He is soooooooo ADORABLE and has the cutest DEEP voice. Whenever D notices Colton around she goes right to him. She always leans over him as seen in the pictures! She even will share her blankey with him. NO ONE EVER GETS TO USE HER BLANKEY! True sign of LOVE!

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D to the R to the E to the S to the S

Everyone knows Easter would not be Easter without the Easter dress! So here she is in her lil Dress! LOVE IT!

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Easter Weekend

So Yesterday was a GREAT day! we together as a family minus a few had a GREAT dinner that mom and i made together and we had a great EASTER EGG HUNT! the kids loved opening up the little eggs with notes, candy and change in them! such FUN!

These are from the Ward activity here in SC and Delila sure did have fun playing with her friends here! I also had a great time visiting with friends here!

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The little Cutie!

Here are a couple of pictures of our little D!! She is just a Doll and can not get enough of her! We have had a blast the last couple of weeks here and can't wait to see family. The life would be to live here as a family together! AWE!! but We do have our own home and i love it but miss having my family so close! :(

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Colton man and Hair

Here are a few adorable pictures of our nephew colton! he is SO SO CUTE! he is nearly the same size as delila. hands and feet are the same size for sure though! haha! he is gonna be a great line backer someday! now i have been doing these cute piggy tails in delila's hair for the last few weeks cause her hair was lookin like a mullet and that was the only cute way to do her hair. so i went for the cut and it is cute. She looks adorable with her little bob! she has wave to her hair so with a bit of product she is a doll! Anyway, we love you richie!!! Delila is learning new words out here EVERYDAY! so funny! my dad (papa) taught her where her BUTT is haha! she also knows other odd body parts like her armpit and elbow! SUCH A CUTIE!

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A good time in CALIFORNIA

Well here are some pictures of our trip so far out here in CA! Delila says HI DADA! She is having such a great time with cousins here. She is is loving all the attention from grammy and papa! she loves her papa! and grammy to of course. We miss Richie a ton! These pictures are from my little cousins 3rd birthday party! my uncle and his family live on a Ranch and we love to go out there. Delila was in love with all the animals. She is so cute! 20 months old now and a total JOY!

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Give - Away

For an awsome give-away GO TO THIS SITE!!! awsome!!!

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