so im hoping and praying this all ends soon so i took it upon myself to try and kick things in gear FASTER! i went outside in the 90 degree weather and washed my car. outside is done. (i didnt dry it fast enough though. a few spots and i cant reach the top or the front window haha!) yet i did the best i could. now the air is on in the car and im gonna go out in a while and clean out the inside. it is to hot. im drinking so much though so im sweating a lot more and i walked like 2 miles this morning already and ran up and down our stairs and bounced on my birthing ball ( i like that cause it make the hurt go away a bit). anyways you guys im determined and excited now it just needs to speed up a bit!! hooray!!!!!!!


Here we go BABY!!

so since last night i have been having bad cramps along with contractions. started out like 12 min apart then 10 and now 8-10 min apart. the contractions were doing something. my dr visit this morning went well. he stripped my membranes AGAIN! 3rd times a charm?? and he goes oh good stuff you are nearly 100% effaced and just about dilated to a 4. he says he is really sure i will have delila by the end of the weekend but if my contractions stay as they are and get strong and closer it could happen tonight or tomorrow!! i feel great and energized. keeping water in me non stop. but i do feel the contractions now. i was visiting with my friends from the ward and one of them goes Katie are you ok? im like uh sorta why? she goes your face is bright pink and the look on your face doesnt look good. im like oh thanks and laughed. but she goes really you look like your in pain. i kept saying katie your ok ok ok ok! but they could see my tummy tighten with contractions. so indeed they are feeling a bit painful. anyday now. im so excited i can not wait!!!!!!!!!! wish us all natural luck!


how about a baby??

so we went to rodworks in lehi and found these cute sconces and candles. super cute and more my style! LOVE IT!

we went to ikea and got this GREAT organizer.

Mom and i met heather and max at thanksgiving point for lunch! DELICIOUS!

surprise!! mom got a new diaper bag. it is cute. i love the fabric and how it says ON THE GO.. cause the others just had the babys name. what a waste then. cause you cant use it ever again.

Mom and i dipped strawberries and richard jumped in for the final touches as well. they were so stinkin good. mmm i ate like 15 of them HAHA

it's the end of the road as we know it!!! and i am GLAD! any day now!!

So here is the cute dresser all put together with all the needs when you have a baby! look at the diaper Genie that the cattons gave us. we put a little fun on it with the dots! also to the trash can. Richard refinished this dresser and put on new handles. love it!!

over the window on the shelf we now have cute flowers that just add a little something to the room! mom got a whoppin good deal on them as well!! SHE IS PROUD!

Now here is the little unit that used to just be plain wood mom stained it really cute outside on the porch. i cant smell it out there. but it just added a little something to the room!

So , how about a baby already right?? yea i say that all the time! hey you know what though im learning to be patient and if she wants to take her sweet little time then let her. i can deal for 2 more weeks. really thats how long i will have to go. i would be overdue but thats ok. i just cant wait to see her now. my goodness i cant wait. my mom has been here for a week allmost and keeping me super busy. my ticker is done for the day by 3:00!! we have cooked dinner every night and made dessert it is fun. i walk so much everyday. maybe that will kick everything into gear soon? anyways i love having my mom here she helps me get organized and gives us projects too. it is great. we watched like an hour of tv last night and thats it this whole week. nice huh? well if little D doesn't come by monday mom cant get back for 2 weeks. sad but still it is ok.

my dr is outa town till wed. so i will not meet with him again till thursday so a little over a week between apt's. so maybe something is progressing? well thats the update and i am content with whatever happens. i dont have a choice!!

love you guys


hey there delila, if you wanna know what it is like in NY then come out!

well yesterday was 4th of july and it was fun!! richards dads band played up in riverton at their fair. we had a bbq and we watched fireworks. long day but fun.
today is my dr's apt. were talking about being induced. i know , i know i am not 40 weeks but i am nearly 38 and people, my body is thrashed. i seriously can not be pregnant anymore. it isnt even the eagerness to get delila out here it is because i hurt everywhere and it really is not fun. delila is 99% all good now and she can come. this is tough to saycause i feel like a bad person bringing her into the world without her deciding when but she has a few time and i am just DONE!!!!
anyways that is my complaint for the day. you can see by these pictures i am wearing a fake smile DUH! but i am huge. and DONE!!
love you all!

ok UPDATE!!! i just went to the dr. he stripped my membranes to kick start everything. he wants me to hang in there 1 more week and i can do it. i can do it for DELILA!! so FRIDAY THE 13th will be it. my gosh. i dilated to a 3 and 90% effaced. anyways at first i was like nooooooooo not another week. now atlease i have a time line and i can just keep busy! anyways guys there ya go!!!!!


just a b-day picture


SEE it is cute! it had ribbon all over it. rich got it for me hehe!!! the candles were so cute. PINK GLITTER!! hehe

Anyhow it was a fun day and i have a great husband!!
we got our plane tickets for thanksgiving out to california!! a whole week we'll be there. super excited about that. i cant wait. anyways mom has plans to come out here for a week every month till october then we'll be there in november! i love it! so anyways i think im gettin induced friday. so maybe Delila will be born on 7/7/07?? anyways i'm so anxious and excited! love you guys!!