she CAN DO IT! she DID IT!

well we are at the great age of 2 and potty training often goes on at that age! delila is doing so great with it. the last 6 days but one day she has been in undies and she has wet 3 undies and they were all at around 7 in the evening outside! so i see a pattern. i should just bring her froggy potty out there with us. she got distracted. but really she has gone poo poo and pee pee in her potty and we are soooooo proud of her! way to go D!!

Prepare the Child for the Path. Not the Path for the Child.


The Wies Family said...

Good job, Lila!

Steven Keele said...

Hooray for Delia.

Julie and Dallas said...

hey i want you to take some pics of my kids. I have been so bad i haven't gotten any of brady yet. let me know when a good time would be.